Guitar tuition

Guitar Tuition and what to expect from personalised one to one sessions

I am a fully RGT register tutor                    

My one to one personalised guitar tuition focuses on the needs of the students, but also on their style. Whilst the lessons cover Harmony & Theory, Single string technique, Ear Training and Performance skills, I always try to tune in with my students music expectation, adapting the program to each individual musical journey.

A basic training on how to fine tune instruments is also offered and the topics covered are guitar tuning (strings, bridge & neck settings), amps, pedals, rack systems and pedal board customisation.

Prices vary depending on age, level and duration and small workshops are also available on request.

My personal music journey

My musical upbringing started in Italy under the direction and supervision of Maestro Giuseppe La Monica.  He is the one who introduced me to Blues and  Jazz and with him I completed my harmonic studies, which  revolved around the study and understanding of the Theory of Harmony by Arnold Schoenberg and its practical applicationsons in contemporary music.  After years of working with him, I moved to Los Angeles (USA) to study with Scott Henderson, Carl Schroeder, Joe Diorio and the rest of the outstanding musicians at the famous Musician’s Institute, where I graduated in 1993.

Later on I went back to Italy where I became a tutor at the Accademia di Musica Moderna, both in Modena and Piacenza. For many years I taught an average of 30 students a week, trying to pass on to my students what I learned in my musical journey and trying to find a way to give them the tools to achieve their goals through an understanding of their instrument and music in general.

Alongside my work as a tutor, I always kept pursuing my career as a musician, songwriter and producer, working with bands and solo acts alike, and eventually I moved to London where I set up my own  record company called ToneTrade Productions.

Nowadays I can only see students privately and people can contact me directly for enquiries using the contact link or by calling 07876684651